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Entertainment Publications estimates that Utah owners of "The Happenings Book" use an average of 12 coupons a year - more than enough to pay for the price of the book.

Besides fine restaurants, the book has value coupons for fast-food eateries. The Utah Symphony, Ballet West, the Utah Shakespearean Festival, Festival of the American West, ski resorts and various in-state university sporting events are also included in the book.Continental Airlines, Club Med, the San Diego Zoo, Six Flags Theme Parks, various car rental agencies and 1,800 U.S hotels are also listed in the national section of the book.

The book's instructions stress that restaurant patrons should tip servers on the value of their meal before discounts.

According to the 1994 "Guide Book of Insider's Tips," the Happenings/Entertainment books offer the best consistent value in coupons available today.

For example, Bruce Densley, district manager for "The Happenings Book" in Salt Lake City, said he has a cousin who saved $600 one year through use of the book because he used it almost every day.

"The Happenings Book" doesn't just save a person money. It also contains restaurant menus and other helpful consumer information. It's great for planning family activities and as a reference guide since a map is included on the back of each coupon.

The daily newspaper is still a good source for savings through coupons and advertisements, but "The Happenings Book" packs a year's worth of possible savings into one packet. Use both a newspaper, a "Happenings Book" and a "Student Gold C" book, and you could save hundreds of dollars during the year.

Here's what I have saved the past two years using my "Happenings Book": 1993-94:

$13 at fast-food restaurants; $7 at fine restaurants; $7 on activities (swimming admissions); $30 on out-of-state lodging during a trip to Southern California.

Total savings to date (coupons do not expire until Oct. 1): $57. ($39 net savings after the $18 purchase of "The Happenings Book.")


$22 at restaurants; $14 on activities (swimming, water slide, movie admissions); $25 on lodging in Oregon; $6 at various department stores using the coupons taking 20 percent off the regular price of children's apparel.

Total savings: $67 ($49 net savings after the purchase of "The Happenings Book.")