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Film review: Camp Nowhere

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"Camp Nowhere" looks absolutely dreadful from the trailers (theatrical previews) but it proves to be a reasonably pleasant diversion, about a bunch of well-to-do kids who are tired of the geeky summer camps their parents ship them to every summer. So, they come up with a plan to form their own run-by-the-kids summer camp, with the help of the moderately adult Christopher Lloyd.

As you might expect, most of the movie is made up of the kids' attempts to cover up the scheme, so their parents don't catch on, while they romp in the mud, have food fights and gather around the television to catch "Beverly Hills 90210." (The "popcorn omelet" so prominently featured in the trailer is not in the movie, however.)

But the film's best laughs come from Lloyd's antics, as he adopts several disguises and accents to help their efforts. (Wendy Makkena, the sweet, innocent nun in "Sister Act," is charming, if nearly unrecognizable, as a teacher attracted to Lloyd.)

The youngsters in the cast are appealing and the film is amusing, though it never quite builds up the head of steam it seems to be aiming for. But it is innocent fun and should appeal to the pre-teen audience.

"Camp Nowhere" is rated PG for comic violence, a couple of profanities and a few vulgar gags.