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Victor the 25-pound lobster has been rescued once again.

The prize crustacean avoided a dunking in boiling water when an alert staffer at Seaside Aquarium foiled the lobster-napping.Becky Bierly was taking tickets Sunday when the abduction began.

"She noticed a guy who had come in earlier walking out with our 25-pound lobster under his arm," aquarium manager Keith Chandler said.

Bierly called Chandler, who gave chase. Despite the Labor Day crowds thronging the oceanfront, Chandler quickly located Victor and the alleged abductor.

"It wasn't too difficult to spot," Chandler said. When he confronted the man, he dropped the lobster and walked away. Chandler took Victor back to his tank, and police arrested Terry Lutz, 35, of Estacada, on a theft charge.

Victor has lived at Seaside since 1993, when he was rescued from a supermarket tank. The unusually large creature, who was caught off the coast of Maine, is an estimated 80 to 100 years old.

Victor appeared to be in good shape, except for cracks in both pincers, probably received when he hit the pavement.