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A medical-clinic owner who performed illegal abortions was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison for the death of a patient.

Alicia Ruiz Hanna was "callous and self-serving," Superior Court Judge Everett W. Dickey said Friday during sentencing.Relatives of the victim testified they found Hanna trying to stuff the dead woman's body into the trunk of a car.

Hanna, 33, was convicted last month of second-degree murder in the death of Angela Nieto Sanchez, attempting to perform an illegal abortion on Sanchez and two counts of performing illegal abortions on other women.

Hanna is not a doctor and has only limited medical training.

Sanchez, 27, went to Hanna's Santa Ana clinic in January 1993, accompanied by two of her four children.

Sanchez paid Hanna $280 cash up front. Hanna took her to a treatment room, gave her Valium and injected her with an unknown drug, trying to induce a miscarriage. Instead, she suffered a seizure.

Hanna then prevented an assistant from making a 911 call for help. Sanchez died, and Hanna told the woman's waiting children their mother had left without them.

The children waited for much of the day and were finally picked up by a relative.

That evening, some relatives returned to the clinic, and said they found Hanna trying to stuff Sanchez's body into a car trunk. Prosecutors said Hanna was going to dump the body in Tijuana, Mexico.

Deputy Public Defender Steve Biskar sought to have the murder charge reduced to involuntary manslaughter on grounds that Hanna didn't intend to kill.

The judge also heard from the victim's family.

"I'm destroyed emotionally. I will never forget these horrible crimes," said Maria Sanchez, the victim's teenage daughter.