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Sculptured Software Inc., 2144 S. Highland Drive, a company that claims to be North America's largest entertainment software developer, has been acquired by Acclaim Entertainment Inc., Glen Cove, N.Y.

Founded in 1984, Sculptured Software has sold 13.5 million units since 1992 of such games as Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, WWF Wrestlemania for Acclaim, Super Emprie Strikes Back, Super Star Wars, Super Return of the Jedi, NCAA Basketball and Doom. Mortal Kombat III will be released soon.George Metos, SSI founder and president, said, "Our goal has always been to become the pre-eminent interactive entertainment studio worldwide. By combining our technology, audio, graphics, programming and development expertise with Acclaim's licensed properties, distribution and marketing strength, we will create an unparalleled force in interactive entertainment."

Under the acquisition, SSI will retain its name and remain in Salt Lake City. It has grown to 130 game designers, programmers, musi-cians, artists and engineers.

Metos plans to hire more artists, musicians and programmers in the next 18 months to develop entertainment software, audio and graphics for the arcades, location-based entertainment and dedicated game systems such as Nintendo's Ultra-64, Sony's Playstation and the Sega Saturn.

In addition to hiring more employees, SSI will invest in a state-of-the-art digital audio studio, 3-D graphics workstations and video recording and editing equipment. Metos wants to use these facilities to support the local advertising and motion picture industry in addition to developing his own products.