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Novell Inc. recorded revenue of $2.041 billion for the fiscal year ending Oct. 28, up from $1.998 billion last year.

The company, known best for its networking software, reported Wednesday that net income for 1995 reached $338 million, or 17 percent of revenue, compared with $207 million and 10 percent of revenue in 1994.On a per share basis, net income was 90 cents in 1995, up from 56 cents in 1994. On a pro forma basis excluding a nonrecurring Unix license buyout and acquisition-related expenses, 1994 revenue was $1.918 billion and earnings were $298 million or 81 cents per share.

Revenue from NetWare software reached its highest level ever, increasing 19 percent over last year to $1.034 billion in 1995. Novell's other network and systems software revenue grew to over $600 million.

Those gains were offset by a $122 million decline in personal productivity applications revenue, which ended the year at $407 million.

In the fourth quarter of fiscal 1995, revenue was $481 million compared with $486 million in the same period of 1994. Net income was $59 million or $0.16 per share, up from $20 million or $0.06 per share the year before.

Novell's 1995 revenue from the United States was $1.082 billion - 53 percent of total revenue.

International revenue included $568 million or 28 percent from Europe, the Middle East and Africa; $292 million or 14 percent from Asia Pacific; and $99 million or 5 percent from Canada and the Americas.

On Oct. 30, Novell announced it was getting out of the personal productivity applications business. The company is actively negotiating with several parties regarding the sale of this business and anticipates that it will announce a sale before the end of January 1996.