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Stanley B. Mulaik, 92, professor emeritus of biology at the University of Utah and founder of the Utah Nature Study Society, died March 17, 1995, in Stone Mountain, Ga., of kidney failure accompanying cancer.

He and his wife, Dorothea, had lived in Georgia since 1992.Before retiring from the U. in 1970, he was an instructor and associate professor of biology and had taught many introduction to biology classes.

In 1954, he was among the founders of the Nature Study Society and had taught courses on the teaching of biology. He was editor of Nature Study from 1957 to 1970 and also had served as president of the Utah Audubon Society. He was the co-namer of the brown recluse spider and namer of many other species of spiders, mites, millipedes and isopods.

Dr. Mulaik started as an assistant instructor of biology at the U. in 1939. He was promoted to instructor in 1941, received his Ph.D. and was made an assistant professor of zoology in 1954. He received tenure and his final promotion as associate professor in 1960.

In the 1970s, he was a frequent critic of proposals of the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct flood-control projects in the Salt Lake Valley.

Family and friends will gather later this week in Georgia to honor Dr. Mulaik.