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The Unabomber revealed his sadistic side in a taunting letter to one of his badly injured victims.

On Wednesday, the FBI released the text of one of four letters the elusive bomber mailed April 20 along with a package bomb that killed a timber industry lobbyist in Sacramento."People with advanced degrees aren't as smart as they think they are," reads the letter to David Gelernter, a Yale University computer scientist, who suffered extensive wounds to his abdomen, chest, face and hands after a mail bomb exploded in his office in June 1993.

"If you'd had any brains, you would have realized that there are a lot of people out there who resent bitterly the way techno-nerds like you are changing the world and you wouldn't have been dumb enough to open an unexpected package from an unknown source," said the letter, which used the FBI's headquarters in Washington as its return address.

Three people have been killed and 23 injured in the Unabomber's 16 bombings since 1978.

The Unabomber also attacks Gelernter's 1991 book "Mirror Worlds" for saying the advance of computerization is "inevitable" and that any college person can operate a computer.

"Apparently people without a college degree don't count," the Unabomber wrote. He added later, "We do not believe that progress and growth are inevitable."

In another letter received by The New York Times and published Wednesday, the Unabomber condemned the growth of industrial society and technicians. He singled out a public relations conglomerate for "manipulating people's attitudes" and said his goal was to reduce society to small, autonomous units.

"As for the bomb planted in the Business School at the U. of Utah, that was a botched operation," the bomber wrote in the letter to The New York Times. "We won't say how or why it was botched because we don't want to give the FBI any clues."

Federal and state investigators in Utah are expected to meet soon to go over the evidence.