Alta View Hospital-

BEESLEY, Bonnie Jean and Brent, Salt Lake City, girl, April 6.

GIBSON, Shontae, Kearns, boy, April 5.

HEPLER, Kathryn and Jonathan, Murray, boy, April 6.

HOLLINGWORTH, Raquel and Kevin, Sandy, boy, April 4.

HULL, Sheris and Anthony, Kearns, girl, April 5.

ORCHARD, Sandra and Brad, Centerville, girl, April 6.

RISENMAY, Wendy and Paul, Salt Lake City, girl, April 6.

American Fork Hospital-

ANDERSON, Karla and Gregg, American Fork, girl, March 21.

BEAN, Wendy and Clint, American Fork, boy, March 16.

BELLISTON, Bonnie and C.J., Pleasant Grove, girl, March 17.

BOSEN, Heather and Phillip, Provo, boy, March 17.

BOYER, Jenae and Bruce, Orem, girl, March 16.

CATES, Virginia and Craig, American Fork, girl, March 20.

DENBOER, Cindy and Todd, American Fork, boy, March 16.

DOYLE, Jennifer and Anthony, Lehi, girl, March 15.

EDWARDS, Laura and Kevin, West Valley, boy, March 20.

FAZIO, Christine and Gennaro, Orem, boy, March 17.

FORDHAM, Michelle and Jeffrey, Orem, girl, March 15.

GILBERT, Debra and Anthony, Lehi, boy, March 17.

GROLL, Tanya and Michael, Highland, boy, March 20.

HANSEN, Paige and Clayton, Provo, girl, March 16.

HARDY, Cathy and Robert, Lehi, boy, March 22.

HATCH, Lindsay and Aaron, Provo, boy, March 17.

JENSEN, Carole and Thomas, Provo, girl, March 17.

JOHNSON, Kimberly and Anthony, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 20.

LARSEN, Julianne and Paul, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 21.

LEAVITT, Lori and Bryon, Lehi, girl, March 18.

LLOYD, Angela and Casey, Lindon, boy, March 15.

MORTENSON, Melissa and Carey, Provo, girl, March 17.

PITCHER, Joette and Bradley, Salt Lake City, boy, March 14.

POWELL, Bridget and Jay, Orem, boy, March 21.

REID, Julie and Michael, Orem, boy, March 15.

SAINSBURY, Melanee and Stanford, Payson, girl, March 21.

SHORT, Julianna and Eric, Lehi, boy, March 17.

STRAIN, Lisa and Danny, Orem, girl, March 21.

TUNER, Elisa and Rhett, Provo, boy, March 16.

WILCOX, Kenni and Paul, Orem, boy, March 20.

YOCOM, RaeAnn and Bruce, American Fork, boy, March 17.

YOST, Kathleen and CARTER, Humberto, Lindon, boy, March 21.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

DONOHOO, Jennifer and Jon, Taylorsville, boy, April 5.

ELLIS, Lyn and Lyle, Sandy, boy, April 3.

GRIFFIN, Jen and Steve, girl, April 4.

HILL, Kim and Scott, Layton, boy, April 4.

HOLLOWAY, Tiffany and Matt, West Jordan, girl, April 5.

HOWARD, Angela and Bryan, Salt Lake City, girl, April 4.

LUND, Michelle and Jeff, Salt Lake City, girl, April 2.

MAST, Virginia and Christopher, Sandy, girl, April 2.

SAVAGE, Tamara and Greggory, Sandy, boy, April 5.

SNYDER, Carolyn, Salt Lake City, girl, April 2.

TIMOTHY, Julie and Guy, Riverton, girl, April 2.

VODOPICH, Kim and Clint, Riverton, boy, April 2.

Lakeview Hospital-

BECKER, Katrina and Grant, Bountiful, girl, April 5.

CURTIS, Annette and Shane, Bountiful, girl, April 3.

GRANT, Tamara and Richard, Fruit Heights, girl, April 5.

GRAY, Leesa and Travis, Bountiful, girl, April 5.

HORNER, Kellie Kay and Joe, North Salt Lake, girl, April 6.

LINER, Sandra and Gene, Salt Lake City, boy, April 5.

PETERS, Brenda and ROGERS, Rick, North Salt Lake, girl, April 5.

PORTER, Dawn and Boyd, Woods Cross, boy, April 5.

LDS Hospital-

DELACASAS, Michelle and Frank, Salt Lake City, boy, April 6.

DEPPE, Sandra and Keith, West Jordan, girl, April 6.

HAKANSON, Chanda and Todd, Salt Lake city, girl, April 6.

HALFORD, E. Christine andGill, Bountiful, boy, April 6.

HAYNIE, Roxy and Louis, American Fork, boy, April 6.

HOLLAND, Laure and Mark, Midvale, girl, April 6.

JELLINICH, Kori and Lenny, West Jordan, girl, April 6.

LUTZ, Kalani and Raymond, Salt Lake City, girl, April 6.

PAHL, Patricia and Larry, Salt Lake City, girl, April 6.

SLOAN, Michele and James, Salt Lake City, boy, April 6.

SVENSRUD, Renee, Park City, boy, April 6.

SWENSEN, Catherine and Steven, Salt Lake City, girl, April 6.

Mountain View Hospital-

ANDERSON, Kathyrn and Neil, Spanish Fork, girl, March 22.

BASTIAN, Kelly and Quinn, Provo, boy, March 31.

BENSON, Juliann and Karl Richard, Salt Lake City, girl, March 28.

BILLS, Joan and Bryan, Mapleton, girl, March 23.

BOYER, Leslie and Fritz, Springville, girl, March 23.

BRERETON, Saralynn and John, Santaquin, boy, March. 19.

BRINGHURST, Jessica and Corben, Payson, girl, March 30.

CARTER, Gayla and Robert, Payson, girl, March 24.

CHRISTENSEN, Valerie and Robert, Orem, boy, March 25.

DEBRAW, Carianne and Merrill, Payson, girl, March 22.

DUDLEY, Imberly and Todd, Provo, girl, March 29.

ELLSWORTH, Tima and Ross, Payson, boy, March 28.

GREENHALGH, Lisa and Bradley, Santaquin, girl, March 28.

HALES, Wendy and Troy, Spanish Fork, boy, March 24.

HARPER, Jennifer and Derek, Springville, girl, March 26.

JOHNSON, Amy and Joel, Spanish Fork, girl, March 27.

JORDEN, Karilee and Edward, Provo, girl, March 31.

KARREN, Kristi and Steven, Provo, boy, March 22.

KINSEY, TinaRae and Kent, Payson, boy, March 19.

LOFTIN, Misty and Joe, Spanish Fork, girl, March 22.

MENDENHALL, Jill and McKay, Provo, girl, March 20.

MUNOZ Irma and Jose, Payson, boy, March 19.

NELSON, Jennifer and Rod, girl, Springville, girl, March 31.

ORTON, Angela and David, Spanish Fork, girl, March 31.

PACE, Denise and David, Springville, boy, March 21.

PENROD, Kim and William, Santaquin, boy, March 25.

PETERSON, Annette and Scott, Springville, girl, March 23.

PETERSON, Bonnie and Scott, Spanish Fork, boy, March 26.

PHILLIPS, Beverley and Reed Lamar, Provo, boy, March 27.

SNYDER, Kristie and Richard, Provo, boy, March 23.

STEADMAN, Deborah and Eric, Orem, boy, March 29.

STEELE, Michelle and Samuel, Payson, boy, March 24.

TANNER, Loriann and Steve, Orem, girl, March 25.

TAYLOR, Tonya and Jade, Aurora, boy, March 30.

THORLSON, Jennifer and Rod, Springville, girl, March 31.

TREADWELL, Juliann and Chris, Orem, girl, March 29.

WELCH, Monica and Jason, Provo, boy, March 29.

WOLF, Kristee and Robert, Provo, girl, March 24.

WORWOOD, Mindi and Jeff, Springville, boy, March 28.

Orem Community Hospital-

ARAGON, Lea Ellen and Omar, American Fork, girl, April 1.

BAILEY, Laura and Alan, Orem, boy, March 28.

BENIONI, Katie and Terangi, Orem, girl, March 31.

BROWN Mikela and David, Salem, boy, April 1.

HOLT, Suni and Steve, Orem, boy, April 4.

LONGHURST, Carolyn and Mark, Orem, boy, March 28.

LOVELESS, Marie and Randy, Orem, boy, April 2.

PETERSON, Tracie and Scott, Orem, girl, March 31.

RICHMAN, Leslie and Bart, Provo, boy, April 1.

ROBB, Lori and Kevin, Spanish Fork, girl, April 2.

ROBINSON, Brooke and Keith, Provo, girl, March 28.

SIMPSON, Tanya and David, Provo, boy, April 2.

STRASDAS, Cindy and Adam, Orem, boy, March 30.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

HALL, Lisa and DRAPER, Lyle E. II, Bennion, girl, April 5.

OMANA, Dianne and Hamid, Salt Lake City, boy, April 4.

SAYER, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff, Salt Lake City, girl, April 5.

University Hospital-

HAMILTON, Fale, West Valley City, boy, April 6.

HARVEY, Diane and Bill, West Valley City, boy, April 5.

LIU, Kui and YANG, Bing, Salt Lake City, girl, April 6.

MOTA, Miriam and James, Salt Lake City, girl, April 6.

MUNOZ, Maria and Jose, West Jordan, girl, April 6.

OCHOA, Patricia and Jose, Salt Lake City, boy, April 5.

PHILLIPS, Lynda and Jim, Midvale, girl, April 6.

POULTON, Kimberly and Garry, Bountiful, girl, April 5.

VANKOMEN, Nikole and Dave, Salt Lake City, boy, April 6.

WERNER, Jennifer, Salt Lake City, girl, April 5.

WOLDA, Karen and David, Park City, boy, April 6.

YOUNG, Juanita, Salt Lake City, girl, April 6.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ALLEN, Sarah and Douglas, twin girls, April 3.

CHARLES, Valerie and Scott, Provo, boy, April 3.

DIXON, Wendy and Jeff, Provo, girl, April 3.

FULLMER, Kelly and John, Provo, boy, April 3.

HANSEN, Michele and Chris, Orem, boy, Dec. 20.

HILL, Eda and Allen, Orem, girl, April 4.

HOWES, Anette and Shane, Provo, girl, April 3.

NAYLOR, Tamara and Jerry, Orem, boy, April 4.

OSBORN, Katherine and Todd, Springville, girl, April 3.

PAY, Leean and Lynn, Provo, girl, April 3.

RICHARDSON, Melissa and William, Provo, boy, April 3.

STILLWELL, Kellie and Michael, Provo, boy, April 2.

WEBER, Leanne and Saul, Orem, boy, April 4.

WILLIAMS, Maria and Jeremy, Provo, boy, April 3.