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Doctors recommend that fruit be an important segment of our diet. So, the U.S. Postal Service has added some peaches and pears to our philatelic menu with the issuance of two 32-cent stamps featuring these popular fruits.

The fruit stamps, now available at your local post office, come in booklets of 20 and a self-adhesive booklet of 20.Also released are two items in the Transportation series. A 32-cent stamp depicts an old ferryboat and hails the daily per-for-mances of these water crafts in our history.

The design shows an old ferry with the inscription "Ferryboat 1900s." A 20-cent postcard rate stamp illustrates a cog railway car. The inscription reads "Cog Railway 1870s."

A new stamped envelope featuring a "spiral heart" design 32-cent stamp is also now at your post office. The price is 38 cents for each envelope. The sizes are 63/4 and No. 10.

First-day covers of the U.S. stamps postmarked with the official "First Day of Issue" cancellation can be ordered from the Philatelic Fulfillment Service, U.S. Postal Service, P.O. Box 419636, Kansas City, MO 64141-6636. Or you may phone the Service Center at (800) STAMP24.