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"The Amazing Panda Adventure" was not screened for critics - but the cartoon short that precedes it, Bugs Bunny's "Carrotblanca," was.

Go figure.Whatever the quality of the movie (probably not stellar, since it was kept from critical reviews before its opening date), "Carrot-blanca" is a riot. And though you don't have to be familiar with the 1942 film classic "Casablanca" to get a few chuckles from this animated treat, it certainly helps.

This is a very specific spoof of the Humphrey Bogart-Ingrid Bergman romantic adventure, with Bugs taking the Bogie role, a cat named Kitty subbing for Bergman and just about every other cartoon star in the Warner Bros. stable showing up somewhere along the way.

Daffy Duck is piano-playing Sam, who just hits one note on the piano before Bugs jumps all over him for playing "that song"; Sylvester is Kitty's hubby, Slazlo; Pepe Le Pew is a gendarme, and he's unable to keep his paws off Kitty, of course; Yosemite Sam is the apoplectic chief of police, etc. But the biggest laughs come from Tweetie Pie, who takes on the Peter Lorre spy role - and does a hysterical Lorre imitation, right down to the bulging eyeballs.

After awhile, it begins to look like Toon Town, the cartoon ghetto depicted in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," though it's clearly stuck in the Warners projects.

The animation is first-rate and the variations on "Casablanca's" plot and all those memorable lines are terrific, and there's no way to catch all the hilarious bits of business in a single viewing.

Like the Mickey Mouse cartoon "Runaway Brain," which is playing with the feeble "A Kid in King Arthur's Court," "Carrotblanca" is a winner all the way.

Here's hoping both come to video soon, kid.