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Hoping that two heads are really better than one, FBI agents have joined Spanish Fork police officers in investigating the missing-person case of a 16-year-old Spanish Fork girl.

Kiplyn Davis was reported missing on May 2, when she failed to come home from school at her usual time. Davis' family and local police officials have been asking for the public's help in finding the girl, whose disappearance is being investigated as a possible abduction and not as a runaway.The girl, a sophomore at Spanish Fork High School, was last seen by some of her friends two separate times the next day in Spanish Fork. But neither incident has given Spanish Fork police Sgt. Morgan Warner, who is investigating the case locally, enough information to crack the case.

Warner said he and other officers have pursued almost 80 different leads to no avail so far. Davis' relatives requested the FBI's assistance in the case.

Warner, who is now working with agent Carlos Villar, said he is hoping the arrangement will yield real results.

"I have confidence in this because (Villar) is letting me know what he finds out and I'll do the same for him. We'll fully share information," he said. "(The FBI) has a lot more resources that may really help the investigation. They've already been helping out by checking out some leads out of the state."

For the past two months, Warner and Spanish Fork police dispatchers have been dispelling rumors that the girl's body has been discovered in a variety of locations, including both Diamond Fork and Hobble Creek canyons.

"Word has finally gotten around that these rumors are not true, so now we can start concentrating on finding her again," Warner said. "But we're still hoping to get one good, solid lead."

He said the girl's parents, who are offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who leads them to their daughter, are "expecting the worst but are still hoping for the best.

"It gets harder for them every day she's still missing, but sometimes you've got to keep hanging on," Warner said.

Kiplyn Davis was wearing denim shorts, an off-white, long-sleeved shirt and a denim vest when her family saw her last. She is described as 5 feet 3 inches and 110 pounds, with shoulder-length curly red hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information on the girl's whereabouts is asked to call Warner or Spanish Fork police dispatchers at 798-5070, or the Salt Lake FBI office, 579-1400.