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A 26-year-old friend of murder victim Ronald Goldman when both worked at Mezzaluna restaurant was shot to death after resisting two money-demanding thieves.

Aspiring actor Michael Nigg was killed late Friday in a Hollywood parking lot after he withdrew $40 from an automated teller machine to take his girlfriend to a Hollywood restaurant, said police spokeswoman Cherie Clair.Detectives were looking for three men, two who attacked Nigg and a third who was their driver, Clair said. There were no arrests late Monday.

Nigg's friends, including actor Mickey Rourke, held a candlelight vigil at the lot Saturday night. "If anyone knows anything about the shooting that took place . . . just give the cops a call," Rourke said in a televised plea.

Nigg, from Colorado, worked as a waiter at Sanctuary, a Beverly Hills restaurant. He recently appeared on the syndicated TV show "Liars."