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Woody Harrelson, George Hamilton, even Robert Shapiro jammed a Sunset Strip club to hear President Clinton wail along to the strains of "Viva Las Vegas."

Clinton, on a swing through Southern California, gave the House of Blues new meaning Thursday when fire marshals declared the Sunset Strip club filled to capacity, leaving hundreds of ticketholders who had paid $100 or more to see him out in the cold.To no one's surprise, Clinton arrived at the fund-raiser nearly an hour late and stayed late to meet and greet the party faithful.

His visit whipped the Sunset Strip up into a state of low-level anarchy: Sirens wailed, protesters chanted, helicopters hammered the air overhead, crowds of onlookers jammed both sides of the street.

Inside, Clinton and Vice President Gore sang along as Jim Belushi, actor and brother of the late "Blues Brothers" star John Belushi, played "Viva Las Vegas." Clinton tapped the rhythm with his hand as he sang along, though he missed some lyrics.

The president did not pick up a saxophone, as many had expected. But he and Gore did put on dark glasses, Blues Brothers-style.

Presidential brother and aspiring musician Roger Clinton also contributed some tunes.

Clinton was in Los Angeles on a four-state political swing that brought him to town for a radio Town Hall meeting with host Larry King and a celebrity-studded fund-raiser earlier in the day.