If he is not re-elected to the world's most powerful job, Bill Clinton could consider a career in jazz - so says Kenny G, the world's most popular saxophone player.

As the election campaign ends, the stars have lined up behind their candidates. Bo Derek campaigned for Bob Dole and Clinton has Kenny G in his corner.Mr. G. told Reuters this week the president of the United States has a "beautiful vibe" and should keep on blowing his horn. "If I could play with any one saxophone player in the world, I'd play with him."

The thing about Clinton, he said, is that he plays from the heart. The president, reportedly nicknamed Elvis by his Secret Service bodyguards, has been known to take his saxophone on campaign trips and has jammed with jazz and rock musicians on TV and in clubs as well as at the White House.

Asked if Clinton is really any good as a sax player, Kenny G turned diplomat, saying, "It's not bad, it really isn't. Here'a a guy who played in college from what I understand.

"(He) was a good enough player, then at some point he stopped playing saxophone and went into politics. So he's as good as anybody else out there who's taken a lot of lessons, practiced a lot."

He added, "He's not a professional, but I'll tell you, of any saxophone player in the world, he knows it's not a competition. A lot of sax players try to outdo each other with riffs. I'm not into that, I don't want another saxophone player out there trying to show me how good he is.

"Clinton feels the same way and I love that about him. He plays from the heart," added Kenny G, who was born Kenny Gorelick. "OK, he doesn't have all the technique you would have if you practiced all the time, but what he does do is he puts his heart into it. He goes for it, and he has a beautiful vibe, like `I'm having the greatest time of my life, I'm so glad to be here playing the saxophone.' That's the kind of guy I want to play with."

The feeling is mutual. Clinton recently cited Kenny G as his favorite saxophone player.