One of five people accused in the shotgun slaying of a sleeping teenager two months ago will plead guilty as charged, said Salt Lake deputy district attorney Robert Stott.

Collin Carter will be arraigned next week in district court on one count of murder, a first-degree felony, in the death of Joey Miera on Feb. 19. In exchange, prosecutors will dismiss other charges against Carter.Police say Carter, 18, and three others shot Miera by mistake, thinking he was another man their gang leader wanted dead. At least two blasts to Miera killed him instantly as he slept on the floor of a home at 918 S. Navajo St. (1380 West).

Another suspect in the death, Melissa A. Chacon, 21, will plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for her testimony against the three other defendants - Tyrese S. Smith, 22; Cameron Lopes, 19; and Miguel Flores, 19.

Smith, an inmate at the Utah State Prison, allegedly ordered Chacon and others to kill a man he thought had shot at one of his "homies." The plot was captured on routine telephone recordings at the prison.