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There's no publication date set yet for its first issue, but film maker Francis Ford Coppola's new literary magazine, AZX (American Zoetrope Experiment), is definitely in the works.

Editor Adrienne Brodeur, who has been working on the project in Manhattan since February, said the new magazine will be "similar to Story and the Paris Review, but with our own flair."Brodeur emphasized that the journal was not conceived as an economically savvy farm system for movie scripts, but rather in gratitude for literary contributions to movies.

"Francis has had this dream for a long time," she said. "He enjoys writers a great deal. He knows that story magazines are not profitable ventures, but I think he sees this as an altruistic venture, to put something back in. Literature is where he's gotten some of his greatest work."

In the mid-'70s, Coppola took the reins at City magazine in San Francisco, which proved to be a financial disaster. Nonetheless, "I think he enjoyed that," says Brodeur. "He's one of those people who's both far away and hands on. He'll be involved in all aspects."

Why New York? "I think he thought that's where the bulk of publishing is and where so many of the aspiring writers would be," said Brodeur. "I would turn that question around and say, `Where else would it be?' "

- Leah Garchik