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I have read that the Citizens Advisory Group has recommended a 15.57 percent raise for the mayor of Salt Lake City - the second raise in two years. Salt Lake City is not a large city - less than 175,000. The rest of the population in the valley is outside the city. The mayor will be getting a $11,000 raise this year to $79,529. The committee also recommended that the City Council get a 14.1 percent raise. The City Council members will now be getting $15,906.

Who is this Citizens Advisory Group? I don't remember voting for them. What are the names of those who comprise this group?Council Chairman Keith Christensen suggests that the mayor be given a 20 percent increase. Is he trying to curry her favor? The reason, "She works very hard." Don't all city employees work hard? Shouldn't they also be given a 15.57 percent to 20 percent raise? And how about the citizens of Salt Lake City? Don't we work hard? How about a 15.57 percent to 20 percent reduction in our taxes?

It appears to me that the mayor relishes her position and prestige and power. Isn't this worth quite a sum? And when I see the signs at the Salt Lake Airport, I always feel that they must be worth thousands of dollars to her ego.

With the generosity of giving 15.57 percent to 20 percent raises to the mayor and the city employees and a 15.57 percent to 20 percent reduction in taxes for the city taxpayers and a 14.1 percent raise for the City Council, I wonder where the money is going to come from to fight the drug and gangs problems plus the other problems? But maybe the city owns an orchard of money trees. If so, we have no worry.

J. Calvin Robinson

Salt Lake City