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An Indian expedition that continued up Mount Everest after losing three members in a blizzard reached the summit of the world's highest mountain Friday.

The four men, who are exiled Tibetans living in India, said Buddhist prayers for 25 minutes on the peak of the 29,028-foot-high mountain, according to Capt. M.S. Kohli of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police in New Delhi.The team, which is in radio contact with a base camp, was accompanied by a Sherpa mountain guide.

The four had continued their ascent from the Chinese side of the mountain despite the deaths a week ago of their three colleagues who reached the summit and died in the blizzard on the way back down.

Kohli said the team had been told that if they found the bodies of their colleagues, they should take a photograph, bury them in the snow and carry out Buddhist funeral rites. But he said it was unclear whether they had found the bodies.