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After playing a vixen on "Knots Landing" for seven years, Nicolette Sheridan is embracing her comedic role in "Spy Hard" with a vengeance.

The 31-year-old blond actress, who stars opposite Leslie Nielsen as a French-accented Russian secret agent, says anything she can do to break out of her typecast as a hard-boiled femme fatale is a positive step."It's funny. You do a show for so long and people tend to think you're really like that," Sheridan told the New York Post. "I'm not that type.

"Some of the things I have coming out will enable people to see me in another light professionally," she said.

She's referring to a fall CBS movie called "The People Next Door" in which she plays an abused wife whose children are abducted.

"Yes, people will see me in a very unglamorous light in that, but that's not why I did it; I did it for me."