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The "Space Elders" is one of KXRK's and local radio's most entertaining programs. Airing Thursdays at about 7:40 a.m., the show is produced by Kerry Jackson and Bill Allred (alias "Kerry and Bill") on FM-96.3, "X-96."

The approximately five-minute program involves two missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Elders Christiansen and Jensen - roaming around the galaxy in the 23rd century proselyting.The prelude explains that this is one of the only constants of Earth in the future - that missionaries still go door-to-door.

The May 30 episode centered around the elders meeting Buck Rogers, who was more than surprised to meet missionaries several centuries into the future. Much of the show's humor focused on the old "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" TV series. The sound effects of that robot on that show were duplicated perfectly.

"Space Elders" doesn't appear to demean the church or missionaries. It's a clean, humorous look at what LDS missionaries might do in the 23rd century.

Some "X-96" listeners believe the show is awesome and a highlight of their week. It could rank as the station's single most popular segment.

"Kerry and Bill" are very good at character voices. They also do the "Smith and Edwards" store commercial voices. Their talents are put to good use with "Space Elders."

- KBEE (FM-98.7) - The station has some big promotions during the past week, including one - "Sleepless for Seattle" - where an endurance contest was held to see who would stay awake the longest while camping out on a mattress at the Haaga's Outlet store in West Jordan.

An all-expense-paid trip for two to a Utah Jazz game in Seattle was on the line. Contestants were also not allowed to consume caffeine.

The other stunt the station pulled off last week was in connection with the "Good Morning America" show in Salt Lake City. Listeners had to flash their own KBEE signs on the air and then tape them to prove the station had had visibility on TV.

Lara Vazquez of Salt Lake City won that contest and $1,000.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - "Jon and Dan" and Robert Lund of KUBL sang the National Anthem at the Utah Jazz game Thursday. This time, they promised not to wear any hats . . . The women won the "Battle of the Sexes" contest on the "Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN-FM show Thursday. The women now have a three-game lead. The winner received $50 worth of gasoline . . .

"Mick, Allen and Woody" on KUTQ had an interview Thursday with a North Ogden woman who claimed she saw a tornado in action in her city Wednesday evening. It was "Fact or Fiction Day" for the DJs . . .

Len Allen and Arnie Wheeler on KLO debated the origin of the word "Hello" Thursday. Allen claimed Thomas Edison invented the word . . . Mark Van Wagoner on KDYL had an actor from the "Celebrity Utah" show as a special guest Thursday . . .

Tom Barberi on KALL talked about the upcoming hurricane season, among other topics, ib Thursday. Barberi, along with Trina Eyring, will appear Saturday, June 1, 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Cottonwood Mall promoting the HealthRider . . . KXRK has been giving away trips to the Summer Olympic Games. The station is also still promoting the benefits of its "Freeloader Card" . . .

Tom Bock on KBZN talked about Thursday being National Fender Bender Day . . . "Kidd Cassidy" on KKAT is giving away a concert trip to Phoenix . . . "The Wakeup Club" on KBEE discussed the soap opera-type TV commercials Thurs-day, including the Taster's Choice one . . . Todd Herman on KCNR discussed the so-called Kathie Lee Gifford sweatshops Thursday . . . "Charlee and Brian" on KBER had another "101-Second Reality Check" Thursday.