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One of the three tornadoes that touched down in Utah this week registered as an F1 on a strength indicator, as large as nearly any twister that's ever hit the state.

The tornado touched down near the Northern Fitness Center, 2120 N. Washington Boulevard in Ogden about 5:30 on May 24. The twister ripped off the door and part of the roof, moved cars in the parking lot, pulled a camper shell from the back of a truck and knocked a tree onto a nearby house.The Fujita Tornado Scale measures the wind strength of tornadoes from F0 to F5, F5 being the strongest.

An F1, like Wednesday's twister in Ogden, usually leaves moderate damage and has winds from 73 to 112 miles per hour.

A tornado registering as an F0 touched down near Antelope Drive and 1000 West in Syracuse, warping the siding on a building and uprooting trees about the same time Wednesday, said National Weather Service meteorologist William Alder. The tornado then lifted, and heavy microburst winds were to blame for the roof being ripped from the dock of Ameri-cold, a refrigeration warehouse.

An F0 usually leaves light damage and has winds from 40 to 72 miles per hour.

Another F0 twister touched down Tuesday near McCornick, a small community southeast of Delta. The tornado touched down in a field and left no damage.