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Four years after her death, Stephanie Blundell was remembered by friends and family Tuesday as a peacemaker, a 13-year-old who loved to sing, dance and spend time with her family.

Blundell, who was reported missing in 1992, was eulogized in a Magna LDS Church service and buried in a pink casket in a West Valley City cemetery."If there was a child that was a good girl, it was Stephanie," said Matt Limburg, a family friend and speaker at the memorial service in the Lake Ridge 11th Ward. "You couldn't help but love that sweet girl."

The Blundells' faith in life after death sustained them, he said.

"The four years of agony you've gone through as a family will be multiplied not by agony but by sheer joy and happiness because of the atonement of Jesus Christ," Limburg said.

Blundell was reported missing March 19, 1992, less than a month before her 14th birthday. The 13-year-old never made it to Brock-bank Junior High in Magna that day. Her friends told sheriff's deputies they had not seen her all day and that she wasn't on the bus ride home from school.

Blundell's body was unearthed in American Fork Canyon a week and a half ago. Prison inmate Roberto V. Arguelles led authorities to the grave near Tibble Creek and confessed to killing Blundell, Tuesday Roberts, 15, Lisa Martinez, 16, and Margo Bond, 42, while out on parole from the Utah State Prison in 1992.

Family friend John Tice said the funeral could finally bring the family the closure it needs.

"I miss her very much and for four years wondered what happened. I'm glad for the Blundells because now they know," Tice said.

Limburg read from excerpts from letters written for the service by Stephanie Blundell's friends and neighbors, remembering her as a bright girl who respected her parents, played church basketball and loved her cat.

Her best friend, Lisa Christen-sen, wrote about Blundell's loving personality and integrity.

"She would never do anything that would violate her standards," Christensen said.

LDS Bishop David Clawson told the Blundell family that Stephanie is in a happy, safe place.

"We just need to realize there is a purpose to life," Clawson said. "Stephanie is happy and waiting for you."

Arguelles was arraigned Tuesday on four counts of capital murder. He is serving time in the Utah State Prison for sexually abusing two children at an elementary school.