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Coming this fall to MTV: Dennis Rodman in all his different shades of hair color and nail polish.

Rodman said Wednesday that he has signed with the music television network to star in a weekly series.The 30-minute show doesn't have a title yet and the exact format remains up in the air, but Rodman is pleased to be bringing his outrageousness into America's living rooms.

"It's going to be something totally different," the Chicago Bulls star told a gathering at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour. "It'll be a real refreshing thing for me."

The idea was hatched when Rodman made a guest appearance on this year's swimsuit edition of MTV's "House of Style," in which he tried on swimsuits with the help of Cindy Crawford.

MTV will produce 20 shows in which Rodman will play host to celebrity guests from the worlds of sports, music and television. The shows will be taped during a five-week period over August and September at an as yet undetermined location.

"I'm not going to touch a basketball until October anyway," he said about the possibility that his burgeoning TV career would interfere with basketball.

Rodman became a free agent after helping the Bulls win a fourth NBA championship last month. He claimed not to know whether he would return to Chicago as the league's leading rebounder.

"Right now, there's no deal on the table," he said. "If I sign, it's going to be a one-year deal."

Rodman got a dig in at the Bulls when he criticized them for re-signing coach Phil Jackson to a reported one-year, $2.5-million contract after John Calipari inked a five-year, $15-million deal to coach the New Jersey Nets with no prior NBA experience.

"It's real sad the way they treated Phil Jackson," he said.

Rodman stood out from the rest of the conservatively attired crowd at the Ritz-Carlton. He wore a white T-shirt that touted his book "Bad As I Wanna Be," green sweatpants, a black baseball cap worn backwards covered his blond hair, sunglasses and sandals that revealed green toenail polish,

His young daughter, Alexa, helped him select his pink nail polish when the two of them visited a salon to have their nails done together.

"I'm having fun. This is me," Rodman said.

Is his bigger-than-life image too much to maintain?

"It's very easy for me now to do what I want to do and be in control of my life," he said. "Six, seven years ago, my life wasn't like this. It took me seven years to realize what direction I wanted to go in."

Rodman cited the first time he dyed his hair blond as the turning point in his self-expression.

"I'm very creative when it comes to doing a lot of things," he said. "All of a sudden people are accepting things that I'm doing."

Rodman shared the stage with former Playboy centerfold Jenny McCarthy, who announced her own development deal with MTV.

Would the two Chicagoans consider doing a show together?

"We were just talking about some sort of demented Regis and Kathie Lee," joked MTV president Judy McGrath.