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Two come-from-behind victories. Eight field goals, including an overtime game-winner.

Wyoming athletic officials continue to tout wide receiver Marcus Harris - no slouch himself in Wyoming's 40-38 opening-game victory over Idaho and the Cowboys' 41-38 overtime win over Iowa State - for the Heisman Trophy. But placekicker Corey Wedel provided the extra edge to help earn his team a 2-0 start in the 1996 season.Wyoming coach Joe Tiller said during a conference call Monday that while he would rather not have to rely so much on Wedel, he knew he could count on the junior to deliver when it counted - a 41-yarder on third down in overtime.

"When we scored our second-to-last touchdown, we went for 2 (points) thinking that if we were fortunate enough to get another score, we could then make a decision to just kick the one and go into overtime," Tiller said. "We feel like in an overtime situation with Corey Wedel with the ball starting on the 25, we're going to have a shot at at least 3 every time out."

Harris caught 16 passes for 223 yards and two touchdowns against Iowa State, making him the top receiver in the NCAA in catches per game and yards per game (204.5).

Tiller said the two victories, pulled from halftime deficits, would help bolster the Cowboys' confidence heading into Saturday's Western Athletic Conference opener against Hawaii.

"I think any time you can do that as a football team it helps your confidence collectively and certainly individually for the players that make the big plays," he said. "But a win is a win is a win."