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President Clinton's recent nomination of Anthony Lake to head the CIA is absolutely outrageous. Such an appointment is possible only because the American people have no idea who Anthony Lake is. In the not too recent past, Lake would have been unable to obtain even a low-level security clearance, and now the president proposes to place him in a position critically vital to our national security as director of the CIA.

Clinton will not necessarily get his way. A majority of the U.S. Senate must confirm his nomination. There are many questions that our senators need to ask Lake:What was his role in the notorious Pentagon Papers episode that so seriously damaged America's security? What about his involvement in secretly allowing the smuggling of Iranian arms and thus Iranian influence into Bosnia? What about his recent secretive trip to Cuba and his relationship with Orlando Letelier (a Chilean agent of the Soviet KGB and Cuban DGI in Washington)? And there is much more.

Why would Lake, an individual who has spent his entire career associating with those who are attacking and undermining America's security, want to head our nation's top intelligence agency? And why would any U.S. senator who takes his oath of office seriously hesitate in rejecting this nominee? Lake is unfit to work in any capacity for the CIA. The U.S. Senate will thoroughly investigate his record and reject his nomination only if Americans demand that Congress do its duty.

Laurel Jorgensen