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Osmond family grows as Jimmy's wife has a son

The Osmond family is still growing: Baby brother Jimmy Osmond is a father for the second time.

Zachary James Osmond was born Friday in Springfield, Mo., to the youngest of the singing Osmond family and his wife, Michelle Larson, Osmond's publicist said Monday.Osmond, 34, already has a daughter, Sophia. The new baby is the 50th grandchild for Osmond's parents, who have nine children, the most famous of whom are Donny and Marie.

Jimmy Osmond, who got his first gold record when he was 5, now performs 12 shows a week with his brothers at the Osmond Family Theater in Branson, though he missed one Friday for his son's birth.

"Fortunately, there are always enough Osmonds to step in and cover," publicist Brenda Golden said.