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Foo bringing its act to the Saltair Pavilion

From the ashes of tragedy, sprouts . . . Foo, as in the Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl, targeted by fate to be known as, "Nirvana's drummer," after the suicide of Kurt Cobain, has found a place where he can be a timekeeper and just one of the band's members.The Foo will bring its act to the Saltair Pavilion on Tuesday night in support of their second LP "The Colour and the Shape."

Tragedy is hopefully behind the foursome, as they have watched friends and bandmates fall to drugs and other influences. But the four have now joined in a group that not only makes music, but makes happy music with happy videos. One of their MTV shots from its first release has the group playing a song in Arnold's from the television sit-com "Happy Days."

The Fonz is there, along with Richie, Potsie, Joni and even Ralph Mouth, and the Foo - Grohl, Pat Smear and the rest.

The band also did a spoof of those silly, Mentos commercials where everything will be OK if the good-looking teen can just eat some of the minty candy.

The lineup has changed a little since those early Foo days "way back" in '95. Smear is out and Franz Stahl who has known and played with Grohl since the mid '80s is in. Joining them are Nate Mendel and Taylor Hawkins.

Currently the band has a hot single and video "Everlong," which is getting fairly good rotation while the band hit the tour circuit.