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Sherry Madsen, write-in candidate for Murray

Age: 54

Address: 739 Shiloh WayOccupation: Education services coordinator of the "Newspapers In Education" program for the Deseret News' marketing department. (She is not part of the paper's news-gathering process.) Taught in Utah public school for eight years.

Experience: Member of Murray Board of Education for nine years, currently serving second term as its president. Served nine years on the Murray Community Council.

Position on annexation: "I'm frustrated and discouraged with the way the annexation issue has been addressed by the two mayoral candidates who made it through the primary election. I don't think it's a dead issue, so I have decided to wage a campaign on my own as the only candidate openly opposed to annexation of the Millcreek area or any annexation that would negatively impact our schools."

Size and growth: "I like our city the size it is. If we're a small city and we like it that way, then let's match our fiscal spending to our size. That's how we accomplish it in our school district. What's wrong with doing that with our city? I would like to improve our existing tax base inside the city and restore State Street, making it a place where people want to come spend their money."

Future challenges: "We need to maintain the quality of life here so that families want to stay, and so that future children will want to make their homes in Murray. I want to see a cooperative working relationship between Murray City and the school district, because we should all be working to make things better for our children.

Best quote: "I entered this race to win, not just to sway votes. Someone must represent the children in Murray, and I'm that someone. I entered this race as a write-in candidate because I firmly believe our children are our greatest asset."