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LDS fit `saint' definition

I feel compelled to respond to Rulon Price's article concerning his idea that the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should not be called saints. Webster's definition of a saint is: "holy, consecrated, 1. a holy person 2. a person who is exceptionally meek, charitable, patient, etc., 3. those holy persons who have died and are believed to be with God 4. in the New Testament, any Christian member of any certain religious groups calling themselves saints."

We are taught each week at church to follow the Savior and do as he would do. We teach our children to "choose the right" when they face temptation. I believe our leaders teach us to be (the Webster's definition of) saints by following Jesus Christ and being charitable, holy people. We all have free agency. We may not always choose the right, but please do not call us "hypocrites" because we are not perfect. I think if we all strive to do our best each day to follow the Savior, that is what is important.B.J. Fullmer

Salt Lake City