Three new interchanges and modifications on a dozen more are being studied as alternatives to improve a 21-mile stretch of I-15 through south Davis County and into Salt Lake City.

The proposals have already stirred up controversy.More than 300 people turned out last week at an open house in Davis County to study the maps, and Farmington is holding a joint City Council-Planning Commission meeting Wednesday to express its unhappiness to Byron Parker, Utah Department of Transportation project manager.

A dozen alternatives are being reviewed, ranging from minimal maintenance on the existing freeway to doubling it in size to six lanes in each direction. Also on the table is an alternative tying the freeway into a second multilane highway through west Davis County and the option of incorporating a commuter rail system.

The stretch of highway being studied is from 200 South in Salt Lake City to 200 North in Kaysville. New interchanges are tentatively mapped out at 1700 North in Salt Lake City, which would be designed in conjunction with the new 600 North interchange programmed as part of the current freeway reconstruction schedule. Other interchanges are being considered at Glover Lane and Shepard Lane in Farmington.

During last week's open house, some heavy criticism was leveled at plans to rebuild I-15. "Most of the negative focus was on the interchanges in Farmington, especially the one at Glovers Lane," said Angelo Papastamos of BRW Inc., a consulting engineering firm.

"They were very negative about that so we'll have to take a hard look at it and determine if it's justified or not," said Papastamos. "It could very well come off the table."

Some negative comments were made about proposed interchanges at Burke Lane and Shepard Lane, Papastamos said, as well as a proposal to extend frontage roads at Pages Lane in Centerville.

"We got real good feedback on it, especially the interchanges. It's definitely controversial," said Papastamos. "We've got a lot more work to do."

Farmington City Manager Max Forbush was one of those not pleased with the two routes that HDR Engineering has mapped out for further study to connect the proposed West Davis Highway to the Burke Lane interchange of I-15 and U.S. 89.

The two routes bisect west Farmington along 650 West and 1100 West, on either side of the county fairgrounds. The City Council endorsed a far west route for the highway.

That highway is proposed to connect to I-80 at 5600 West, curve north around Salt Lake International Airport, then skirt the marshes of the Great Salt Lake through west Davis County, connecting to the I-15/U.S. 89 interchange in Farmington.

Gov. Mike Leavitt wants the proposed highway to eventually run through Weber and Box Elder counties on the north, through Salt Lake County and down into Utah County. Currently, routes are only being studied in Davis County.

"What we want to get out to people at this point is that nothing is written in stone yet," said Frank Ularich of HDR Engineering. "We're accepting comments all through the process."

"What we presented at this point are the conceptual alternatives. The next one will present the detailed alternatives," said Papastamos.

Those meetings, also an open house format, will be held this fall. Ularich said in the meantime, UDOT and the agencies involved in the studies plan to open an information center in Davis County.

The center will be staffed full time, will have the latest information on studies and proposals available and will accept public comments.


Additional Information

Interchanges and Access - Proposed I-15 reconstruction

200 North, Kaysville Interchange resoncstruction

Shepard Lane, Farmington New Interchange

I-15/US 89, Farmington New interchange, connect to West Davis Highway

Burke Lane, Farmington Connect to West Davis Highway

Lagoon/200 West, Farmington Eliminate Ramps

Glover Lane, Farmington New interchange

Parrish Lane, Centerville Interchange reconstruction

US 89 (500 W) Bountiful Relocate ramp movements to proposed

improvements at 400 N.

400 North, Bountiful Interchange improvements and braid

(grade separate) south ramps with

500 S. north ramps

500 South, Bountiful Reconstruction and braid (grade

separate) north ramps with 400 N south ramps

2600 South, Woods Cross Interchange reconstruction

Center Street Ramp, Elimination of ramp

North Salt Lake

I-215 Interchange, Reconstruction

North Salt Lake

US 89 (Beck Street Relocation of ramps

Salt Lake City

2300 N/Warm Springs Road Relocation of interchange to 1700 N.

Salt Lake City

1700 North, New interchange and access to Beck

Salt Lake City Street on east

900 W/1000 N., Relocation to new 600 N. interchange.

Salt Lake City Provide east/west access over I-15

with new bridge structure at 1000 N.

600 North, Salt Lake City New interchange (programmed as part of

I-15 South project)