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Survivor of Titanic finally makes it to Kansas City

Millvina Dean first set out for Kansas City along with her father, mother and brother in 1912.

This week she finally got there - and saw the house where she might have grown up.Dean's glimpse of the life she might have lived came thanks to the Titanic Historical Society and the unknown sailor who put her in a lifeboat that fateful night the "unsinkable" White Star liner sank in the North Atlantic with a loss of 1,517 lives.

Dean's father died when the Royal Mail Ship Titanic plunged into the icy depths, but her mother and brother were spared.

Dean was only 9 weeks old when the disaster occurred. Her family was emigrating to a new life in America. She and her remaining family returned to England after the tragedy.

The 85-year-old woman says she's attended several Titanic memorials and conventions over the years, but this was her first visit to Kansas City, where her father was planning to open a tobacconist's store.

The historical society arranged her Kansas City visit, which began with a trip to what once was her uncle's house. Waiting for her there were several American relatives she'd never seen.

- Third Age News Service