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Body identified as escapee of jail in Cache

The body of a man found in western Wyoming over the Labor Day weekend was identified Wednesday as that of an escapee from the Cache County Jail.

The sheriff's office said tattoos and fingerprints were used to identify the remains of 40-year-old Robert Lee Thornock, who escaped from the jail Feb. 21.Thornock had been shot in the head, but authorities were still investigating the circumstances of his death.

Thornock's remains were found in a creek bed after a Bedford, Wyo., resident reported that his dog had dragged home what appeared to be a human arm on Aug. 30, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office in Wyoming.

The remains apparently were disturbed when a property owner was excavating near Strawberry Creek in the Bedford area.

Thornock was booked into the Cache County Jail on Feb. 12 on charges of forgery, fraud and being a fugitive from Idaho. Logan police had arrested him on suspicion of taking a number of credit cards, wallets and checkbooks from the purses of employees at the Bear River Health Department.

Police suspect he then went on a spending spree with credit cards, buying himself a new television, videocassette recorder and other items. He escaped from the jail by slipping under a security fence while outside for exercise.