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Panel approves resolution on study of commuter rail

One day after lawmakers rode a commuter-rail train borrowed from California, the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee approved a resolution supporting further study of a proposed commuter rail network for the Wasatch Front.

The committee was unanimous Thursday in its resolve to keep consideration of commuter rail alive.Not to worry. Consultants for the Wasatch Front Regional Council are in the second phase of their analysis of commuter rail and should know by the end of May exactly how much it will cost to build and operate daily train service between Brigham City and Payson.

The Utah Transit Authority has been encouraged to oversee any commuter train service developed here but has not yet committed.

The agency's attorney and a UTA lobbyist told the committee the resolution sponsored by Sen. Robert Montgomery, R-North Ogden, is exactly the type of public support UTA is looking for as it considers commuter rail.