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Cadet urged fiance to kill teen, witness says

Prosecutors told jurors they would hear in Diane Zamora's own words how the Naval Academy midshipman helped kill a romantic rival.

They tried to make good on that promise Monday with the first witness in Zamora's capital murder trial. Kristina Mason, Zamora's former best friend, described an emotional conversation the two had following the Dec. 4, 1995, slaying of Adrianne Jones.Mason said her friend claimed to have ordered then-fiance David Graham to finish Jones off, screaming: "Shoot her, kill her, shoot her!"

The trial resumed Tuesday.

Prosecutor Michelle Hartman told jurors during opening statements Monday that Mason wasn't the only one Zamora told about the killing.

"She told roommates at her academy, and you will hear from them. She told friends and family, and you will hear from them. And we anticipate you will hear in her own words how the murder occurred," she said, referring to an alleged confession Zamora gave police.

Zamora was a freshman at the Naval Academy and Graham was in his first year at the Air Force Academy when they were charged in the slaying in September 1996. Prosecutors say Zamora insisted that Graham kill Jones, 16, because of his one-time high school fling with her.

According to statements the pair gave police, they lured Jones to a secluded road, Zamora hit the girl with a dumbbell weight and Graham shot her in the head when she tried to flee.

Though she apparently made a pact with Graham to stay silent about the killing, prosecutors say she couldn't keep quiet.

Defense attorney John Line-bar-ger suggested during cross-examination of Mason that she might have concocted details of her story after reading a written confession by Graham that was published in a newspaper.

Graham faces a trial later this year on a capital murder charge. If convicted, the pair could be sentenced to life in prison; prosecutors decided against seeking the death penalty.