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Flaim to carry U.S. flag at Olympics

As he headed toward his fourth Winter Games, Eric Flaim received the highest honor an Olympic athlete can get from his teammates.

Flaim, winner of two silver medals and a steady member of U.S. speedskating teams for a decade, was chosen to carry the American flag into the opening ceremony of the Nagano Olympics on Saturday (Friday night EST).He'll lead the biggest team at the Winter Games, with some 240 athletes, coaches and officials. Flaim is the fifth speedskater and the first from short-track to be picked for the honor.

Flaim, 30, from Boston, was flying to the U.S. team's processing center in Osaka, Japan, when the vote of the U.S. team captains was announced.

"It was a real shocker," he said. "But it's a tremendous honor to be chosen to carry the American flag and represent my teammates and my country."