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Being the Maytag man is hard - at least for actor

SHARE Being the Maytag man is hard - at least for actor

It's not easy being the Maytag Repairman - just ask Gordon Jump.

For more than a decade, Jump has portrayed the vastly underworked appliance repairman in TV commercials. In real life, he doesn't have time to get bored.Jump stars in six to 12 new commercials a year, and he travels the world to make appearances as the loneliest soul on Earth. One commercial that took four nights to film had Jump waiting for extraterrestrials to wash his clothes before flying off. After sundown, it got chilly during the California shoot. Jump was left shivering in his skivvies.

"Standing out there in the field in my undershorts was not a really pleasant experience, particularly when the guys from the advertising agency and the guys from Maytag were sitting around in parkas drinking hot chocolate to keep their hands warm," he said.