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Hartman children attend ceremony eulogizing parents

SHARE Hartman children attend ceremony eulogizing parents

Phil Hartman's young orphaned children gathered with family at a cemetery chapel where the comic and his wife were eulogized.

Thursday's ceremony, attended by 9-year-old Sean Edward Hartman and 6-year-old Birgen Anika Hartman, was private and family spokesman Stan Rosenfield didn't disclose details.Police said Hartman, who won fame with his impressions on "Saturday Night Live" and was a cast member on NBC's "NewsRadio," was shot and killed last week by his wife, Brynn, who later committed suicide. No note was found, and police have not said whether they know of a motive.

The Hartmans' bodies were cremated earlier and the family planned to scatter the ashes off Santa Catalina Island. The children will move to Wisconsin to live with Brynn Hartman's sister and her husband.