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County moves carefully on road bids

SHARE County moves carefully on road bids

Utah County officials are moving cautiously toward putting out bids on the remaining reconstruction of the Training School Road project in the American Fork and Highland area.

The first phase of the project, built in 1996 to accommodate the opening of the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple, cost the county considerable time, effort and discomfiture.The county also had to pay $225,000 in a legal settlement when conflicts over property damages ended up in court. Most or all of the money paid out will be reimbursed from the Federal Highway Administration, says Utah County Engineer Clyde Naylor.

Still, the county wants to be careful when proceeding on the remaining portion of the estimated $4.5 million project.

The second phase involves nearly four miles of road between U-92 and approximately 8500 North and 1000 North to the Lone Peak High School on Cedar Hills Drive. It also includes installing a traffic light at the intersection of State Street and 1100 East.

In a recent county commission meeting, Commissioner Gary Herbert said the county is going to be very careful "for a lot of good reasons." He asked that staff check to be certain all of the right-of-ways had been properly obtained.

In the first phase, to have the road ready for the temple opening, the bid was let before all of the easements were secured. That created some difficulties for county officials, and the commissioners said they don't wish to repeat the situation.

"This crosses jurisdictions (into American Fork and Highland), so it's logical for the county to take the lead," said Don Nay, of the county engineer's office. "We believe we have all of the right-of-ways secured except for Holmstead Construction."

Hal Holmstead, owner of the business, was one of several residents involved in the earlier litigation. The residents said their property was damaged during construction of the road's first phase.