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Shots of lifetime pay handsomely for Florida man

SHARE Shots of lifetime pay handsomely for Florida man

Concession lines were a little shorter at the Delta Center during halftime Friday as Maynard Trudeau of Boynton Beach, Fla. fired up five regulation 3-point shots with an chance to collect $2 million in prize money.

After sinking his first shot with a smooth underhand motion, Trudeau, 74 was unable to connect on his final four attempts. Still, his one basket was worth a nice $250,000 payday for the 74-year-old carpet installer.Trudeau beat long odds just to get to the Delta Center Friday night. He said he entered the AT&T Million Dollar Shootout sweepstakes on a whim after having seen the phone company's commercial on TV. He was selected from more than one million fans who entered.

The first four shots were worth $250,000 each and his fifth "money ball" was worth $1 million. Had Trudeau made all five shots he would have collected $2 million.

COVER BOY: Karl Malone and his Harley-Davidson grace the cover of the June 15 issue of ESPN Magazine.

Among a host of topics, writer Gene Wojciechowski talks to the Mailman about:

- His paranoia of failure: "My driving force is being afraid to fail. I don't want to prove the doubters right."

- His like me, or lump me attitude: "I'm not going to live a fake life. . . . I don't live with a chip on my shoulder.

- His aggressive style of play on the basketball court: "I play the game like everybody out there doesn't like me."

- The seriousness of his recent warnings to Jazz management: "The Red Sox tested Roger Clemens and you see what he did."

- His penchant for a good cigar on special occasions: "I'm like Clinton. I don't inhale."

NOW HEAR THIS: Despite playing five NBA Finals games in the Delta Center over the past two seasons, Some Chicago players apparently still haven't adjusted to decible levels sometimes being reached inside the arena. Several Bulls players are still holding their ears at the start of the game and at other key junctures.

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: A sampling of some of the better signs seen in the crowd at the Delta Center Friday night:

- "So Seikaly, what are you doing tonight?"

- "Welcome home brother Rodman."

And from a fan clearly filled with a little too much optimism:

- "Have tickets for Games 6 and 7 - will trade for a sweep."



Mission Impossibull

No one completely shuts down Michael Jordan offensively, but the Jazz go to great lengths to minimize the damage. Here's a look at how Utah's primary defenders matched up against His Airness.

Game 2

Players Fouls Points

Hornacek 6 20

Russell 2 11

Anderson 1 12

Jordan's line

Pts. 37



Min. 40


Offensive fouls

Number of religions, genders, races or cultures the Bulls Dennis Rodman has offended this Finals.