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Other Sundance Lab projects

"The 1998 Sundance Theatre Lab projects are truly reflective of the variety of theatrical form and vision in contemporary American theater," says Philip Himberg, producing director of the Sundance Theatre Program. "They are a diverse and daring group of theater artists telling innovative stories, presenting material in a new form, or conceptualizing existing material with an independent vision."

In addition to Carol Burnett and daughter Carrie Hamilton's joint project ("One More Time," based on Burnett's memoirs), the other seven 1998 projects are:- Playwright/director Emily Mann's adaptation of "Meshugah," from the novel Nobel Prize-winning author, Isaac Bashevis Singer.

- Playwright Nilo Cruz's new play, "Two Sisters And A Piano," being directed by Brian Kulick.

- Roger Benington's new adaptation of the C.S. Lewis fable, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."

- Playwright Regina Taylor's "OO-BLA-Dee," story of five African-American female jazz musicians, directed by Tazewell Thompson.

- "Happy End," translated and adapted by Michael Feingold from the Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill musical, directed by Sharon Scruggs.

- Ruch Malaczech directing "Belen - A Book of Hours," a Spanish-language performance for both English and Hispanic audiences, utilizing poems written by Catherine Sasanov.

- Playwright/performer Charlayne Woodard working with director Stuart K. Robinson on a new solo show entitled "Stories."

The lab began July 8 and continues through July 26.