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Teletubbies are anti-family

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As concerned parents, we closely monitor our children's television viewing. We watch programs that reflect our values and are enjoyable enough for us to watch together. We appreciate KBYU for their efforts in helping that happen.

However, they've failed us with "Teletubbies." Not only did we have a difficult time stomaching this moronic program, but we found it offensive. We ask KBYU to remove it.We are not radical or extreme. But as American citizens and members of the LDS Church, we were disturbed by the communist-like undertones and lack of values. We were reminded of George Orwell's "1984" with a windmill Big Brother watching, seeing all, controlling all. And the witless Teletubbie automatons obeying blindly, their fear of disobedience expressed as they stop what they are doing, say "Uh-oh!" and run to the required meeting place. We realize that this program is geared towards the very young and can see the value in some of the devices used to appeal to that age. But any value is undermined by those devices that run contrary to freedom and proper parental involvement.

The unseen Teletubbie "parent" is void of love, personal supervision or authority; the Teletubbies have no personal responsibility, no consequence for actions. The program undermines values that are important for strong families. Even very young children can enjoy programs that teach these concepts, as is evidenced by Barney's popularity.

KBYU should remove this program and replace it with something more in harmony with family values.

Darin Vincent family