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Chefwear sets the standard for kitchen comfort and style

ATLANTA -- So you think you're a gourmet cook. Your kitchen is equipped with stainless steel restaurant-style appliances; your pantry is stocked with the finest ingredients and your favorite recipes are ultra-organized. Guests and family alike practically applaud when you bring a dish to the table.

But do you have "the look?"In an age when chefs are celebrities, fashion has become the final touch for a perfect gourmet experience.

So much so that Chefwear, a company that was founded in 1990 as an outfitter to food professionals, saw 20 percent of their sales last year go to home cooks who aspire to have "the look" of the chefs they see on television or in the open kitchens of their favorite restaurants, according to Gary Fleck, chief executive officer.

Hoping to tap into the home market even more, Chefwear staged a mini-fashion show this month in New York City to introduce a new line of prints designed by Nicole Miller. It's the first time a major fashion designer has been involved in creating garments for chefs. Miller's prints -- Italiano, Vineyard, Habanero and Roundup -- join Chefwear's other popular prints like Utensils and the classic Black/White Houndstooth.

Fleck's wife, Rochelle Huppin, first created the all-cotton pants and jackets when she found the standard-issue polyester uniforms used in so many professional kitchens uncomfortable.

If the attire of Atlanta's top chefs at the Share Our Strength charity event earlier this month is any indication, chefs love the line. Virtually every chef there was sporting Chefwear pants.

Consumers also can order a Chefwear catalog by calling 1-800-568-2433.