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Deseret Book adds brand, reorganizes

The LDS marketplace turned another page this week, as Deseret Book Co. announced the creation of a new imprint, or brand name, and reorganization of its publishing division.

Both moves come as a result of the April acquisition of private LDS publisher Bookcraft Inc. by Deseret Management Corp., the commercial holding company of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and parent company of Deseret Book.Ronald A. Millett, Deseret Book president, told a group of LDS authors Thursday that both the Deseret Book and Bookcraft imprints will survive under the reorganization. But starting with books published on or after Jan. 1, 2000, the imprints will be redefined.

The Deseret Book imprint will appear on LDS doctrinal, historical and biographical titles. The Bookcraft label will be on inspirational, self-help, family, women's, youth, contemporary issues and fiction books.

Millett said a new imprint, Eagle Gate Press, will feature specialty items like library editions, collections, niche market publications, art books and non-book products like bookmarks and jewelry.

The company's Shadow Mountain imprint will continue to publish titles for the national market.

On the organizational side, Sheri L. Dew, Deseret Book's vice president of publishing, will continue to lead the division, but will now oversee a combined editorial group.

Dew said the reorganization is designed to make sure both the Deseret Book and Bookcraft imprints are magnified.

"Our business has expanded dramatically during the last 10 years," Dew said Friday. "Our reach is going into the national market, and we've expanded our music and entertainment line. . . . This allows us to publish things under four major imprints, each of which has a specifically defined market and will include certain kinds of books."

Dew said she is not sure which imprint will be largest in terms of revenue or number of titles, but she expects "every imprint to carry its own weight."

"We don't see any one imprint as any more important than any other," she said. "We will promote all of them with equal energy. . . . Our primary target market will most likely always be members of the church, but frankly, this new structure provides a wonderful foundation so that we can very energetically pursue the national market."

Cory Maxwell, former editorial manager at Bookcraft Inc., has been named director of the new Deseret Book publishing line. Timothy Robinson, formerly an editorial director at Deseret Book, has been named director of the new Bookcraft line, with Emily Watts, formerly a Deseret Book associate editor, as associate director.

Jana Erickson, former publishing/art director at Bookcraft Inc., was named manager of the Eagle Gate Press.

Bookcraft, founded in 1942, has published books written by LDS Church general authorities, as well as the popular LDS fiction series "The Work and the Glory." Deseret Book traces its roots back to 1886.

Deseret Management Corp. announced in May that, as another result of the merger, it would form a new subsidiary called World Media Inc. to oversee many of the electronic activities that were part of Bookcraft Inc., as well as DMC companies like Deseret Book, Deseret News, Beneficial Life Insurance Co. and Bonneville International Corp.

Roland Radack, Deseret Management's vice president of administration, said the new Deseret Book changes should end the string of major announcements resulting from the merger.