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Teen ordered to stand trial in W.V. slaying and wounding

A 3rd District judge has ordered a man to stand trial on charges that he killed his former girlfriend and shot his mother. The judge will also allow the man to be released from jail with no bail.

Judge Ronald Nehring ordered Joseph Oberhansley, 18, to stand trial on charges of murder, a first-degree felony, and attempted murder, a second-degree felony, for the Dec. 9 fatal shooting of his former girlfriend, Sabrina Elder, 17, and critical wounding of his mother, Brenda Self.Nehring also followed the recommendation from a pretrial evaluation conducted at the Salt Lake County Jail that outlined conditions that should be followed for Oberhansley's release.

Upon release to Pretrial Services, Oberhansley will be under home confinement and under electronic monitoring, said prosecutor Paul Parker, who opposed the release. He will live with his grandparents and, except for doctor visits, court hearings and other approved occasions, he absolutely cannot leave the house, even for work or school.

At the house, Oberhansley will have contact with his mother, grandmother, Norma Dodge, and his 13-year-old sister, Alesha Olsen, who all testified at his preliminary hearing last month that he fired a gun in the living room of Dodge's West Valley home, 4755 W. Harman Drive (3700 South).

Police say Elder had delivered a son five days earlier and was living at the grandmother's home. Oberhansley apparently did not believe the child was his.

During the shooting, Self was shot in the back and arm, and Elder was shot five times in the head. Oberhansley turned the gun on himself before the carnage ended.

Nehring refused to lower Oberhansley's $1 million bail in March, saying he needed more input on on whether Oberhansley had overcome his methamphetamine addiction and possible suicidal tendencies.