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Scrapbook of the 20th Century: Dec. 2, 1954: Censure of Sen. Joseph McCarthy

DESERET NEWS: WASHINGTON, combined UP, INS and AP -- The Senate gave overwhelming approvl to one censure resolution against Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy Wednesday night.

The first blow fell heavily Wednesday night when the Seante voted 67 to 20 to adopt the first of two censure counts returned by a special committee. It censured McCarthy for "repeatedly abusing" a 1951-52 elections subcommittee.The Senate Thursdy defeated, 55 to 33, a move to table a watered-down version of the charge accusing Sen. McCarthy of mistreatment of Brig. Gen. Ralph W. Zwikcker.

For years, Sen. McCarthy had led a search for Communists supposedly infiltrating most, if not all, of America's institutions. His committee tended to find a "Red" in every tree and accusations were rampant. Congress finally responded. Utahns were particularly interested in Senate censure hearings because they were headed by the state's Sen. Arthur V. Watkins. The censure procedures took much of the wind out of the sails of what had essentiallyk evolved into a "witch hunt."