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Keep that bin out of sight

PROVO -- Residents who don't want to be considered public nuisances had better wheel their city-issued trash bins away from the curb without delay.

Garbage cans left in front of a house for longer than 24 hours on a day other than collection day violate a new city law aimed at cleaning up Provo. The City Council approved a nuisance ordinance Tuesday to motivate residents to take care of noxious weeds, junk cars and foul odors, not to mention forgotten trash cans. Violators could be ticketed and fined. The law gives the city the right to file criminal charges against chronic offenders.Essentially anything that offends the senses, causes blight, reduces aesthetics, attracts rodents or makes neighboring property look bad could be deemed a nuisance, according to the new law. The ordinance also provides for a seasonal inspector, an administrative hearing process and a revolving cleanup fund.