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Dont blame the NRA

We need more funds to battle the NRA? I was unaware that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris happened to be NRA members in good standing. Reading the sort of hysteria chronicled in your paper, I am persuaded to join the NRA and give them lots of money -- simply so that cooler heads may prevail.

Because, you see, I've run the numbers:1. Harris and Klebold were not NRA members.

2. They did not have concealed weapons permits.

3. They brought already illegal weapons into the school.

4. Had someone else in the school actually possessed a concealed weapon, had a license for it and knew how to use it, innocent lives might have been saved.

You see, Jeanne, we're not all chickens with our heads cut off out here. Don't go supposing that all supporters of your and my liberty are necessarily in the NRA, either. Some of us are not wimped-out, whining, knock- kneed, trembling Republicans. And we certainly pray that the likes of you will not turn us into sitting ducks.

Ernest Wolfe

Salt Lake City