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Utes will always love Juddy

Who in their right mind would let Jeff Judkins go south?

We know who is "the real glue" of the U. of U. basketball team. We know who has been there for the team through hard times and trials, through tears and disappointments, and who has helped them in tutoring and school and spent hours of counseling.We know who has spent time in building relationships and providing a balance of work, love and fun. We know who provides the right role model to these young men and women by being a devoted husband, loving father, devote religious leader, basketball icon and loyal friend of integrity to all.

Is Jeff Judkins too nice? Where does it say you have to be mean and ruthless to be a good coach.

Juddy, we will miss you. Every one of the fans, team members, parents of these fine young men and certain assistant coaches will miss you, too.

Oh, say it isn't so.

Bonnie Jeppson