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Inside golf: chip shots

NOT SO FAMILIAR FACES: Last year, John Daly and Laura Davies played in the Champions Challenge. This year, the tourney added Lee Trevino and was supposed to have Nancy Lopez, before her emergency knee surgery last week. Johnny Miller hopes to continue to bring different name players in that Utah fans don't normally get to see.

"Every year I hope we can get a new player," said Miller. "I'd like to get Tiger Woods and David Duval. I hope to get David with the fishing thing."Miller joked he might be able to use his influence as an NBC golf commentator to get Duval and Woods to come. "David Duval and Tiger Woods might come because they hope I won't say bad things about them on the air," Miller said.

CROWDS UP: The crowds at this year's Champion Challenge were up considerably from last year, which thrilled Miller, the brainchild behind the event. Several of the golfers who were also at last year's event commented on the increased crowds this year, which doubled the year before.

"I'm really happy the people have turned out," said Miller. "I wasn't sure if this was going to be a one-shot wonder.

Tournament officials estimated the two-day crowd total at 25,000.

HEY, LOOK AT MY SCAR: After talking to the press for several minutes about his hip replacement surgery and various other things Monday afternoon, Jack Nicklaus made like former president Lyndon Johnson and showed off his scar.

On his way out after the press conference, Nicklaus stopped and hiked up his khaki shorts to reveal the long scar on the top of his left leg and told everyone that he was "proud" of it.

NEXT YEAR: After the rousing success of this year's tournament, the Challenge will definitely be back next year, Miller said.

The dates have already been set and the event will be held a week earlier, June 19-20, directly after the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.

Nicklaus said he plans to return and hopes next year he won't have the hip problems he suffered through this year and last year.